Building a new demonstrator

The best way to learn is to do. To learn more about industrial digitalization, we are building a new demonstrator of a smart factory with students supervised by companies.

2019-03-03 | #projektnyheter

It started at the Hanover Fair in April 2018 with an idea of ​​building a collaborative work station. A couple of thousand work hours later, the result can be seen at the Hannover Fair 1-5 April 2019. At the fair, visitors can assemble a product in collaboration with a Yumi.

The workstation is connected, we use 3D-printing to solve problems and there is a digital copy of the factory. In the new demonstrator, the goal is also to show a holistic perspective on digitalization. 18 students from the secondary high school, Göteborgsregionens Tekniska Gymnasium (GTG) are participating in the building. 12 students from Chalmers University of Technology are doing theire thesis work related to the demonstrator. 3 students from upper vocational training are updating the app.

Alexander and Marcus fom GTG unboxing.

Ylva and Wictor from GTG building material faced.

Tobias from Volvo Cars and Blagisa from GIGS looks at the fixture.

Tintin from GTG is constructing grip fingers to the Yumi.

Tintin from GTG is testing 3D-printed grip fingers on the Yumi.

Urban from SICK having a review of event camera together with Tintin from GTG and Johannes from GTC.

Johannes from GTC having a review with the thesis students Johan and Victor from Chalmers about safety.

Workshop with Atlas Copco and students från Chalmers and GTG.

The students André, Emil and Johan showing the updates they have made in the app to Johannes at GTC.

William, John and Daniel from Elektroautomatik is working with cabeling.

Mathias, Alexander, Anna och Sofia from GTG working with mechanical design.

Anna, Tintin and Alexander tuning the 3D-printer.

Students from GTG having workshop with Daniel from B&R how to build HMI panel.

Alexander programming the robot.

Visitors experience how it is to mount in physics and virtual environment.

Visitors experience how it is to mount in physics and virtual environment.

Petter, Karin, Tintin and Alexandra inspect the results of their CAD model they designed during their internship.

Alexandra and Petter test if the product fits in the transportation rack.

Alexandra and Karin control if the lamps are mounted the way they design them.

Mathias designer of safety information and Sofia designer of HMI interface.